even now even still by rayo & honey
even now even still
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even now even still

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Lately I’ve been turning over in my head the strength of the bonds we craft between ourself and others.
How it is miraculous that forgiveness and love for someone else or ourselves can reside beside each other.
That sharing your heart must be done honestly and with a vulnerability that is devoid of smoke and mirrors.
That even on the roughest roads riddle with conflict there can be a way back to holding space for one another in real recognizable ways. The tenderness and care that can lose its way with the passing of time doesn’t have to be lost forever.
The friendships we question out of disagreement can be sorted out with expressed compassion.
The romantic relationships singed by careless disconnection can be refortified with fresh vulnerability and a rededication to the practice of love.
Families that drift apart for very little understandable reasons can find their way back to each other with honesty.

We can choose to hard we go for the people we claim.

And in challenging times we have the power to acknowledge issues, dismantle hurt and tenderly remind each other that even now, even still the bond remains.

Because each piece is made by hand, production time is extended.

  • made from 100% 10oz cotton canvas
  • machine stitched seaming on all sides with corresponding thread
  • letters are black cut felt, affixed with heat
  • hang string is cotton black bias tape with hand knotted loops on a hard wood hang stick.
  • pennant measures 12.5 inches X 17 inches not including hang string
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