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Bad Ass Black Women of Literature / Dianca London Potts

What started as a tweet from Dianca London Potts about wanting a tote bag with a vintage image of Toni Morrison smoking a cigarette like the now infamous Joan Didion tote created by Literary Hub, has become one my favorite collaborations.

While representation at all levels of publishing is a monster that is beginning to be rectified, I’ve found that outside of books there is little agency when it comes to visually seeing Black Women writers on goods. With “BAD ASS BLACK WOMEN OF LITERATURE” it’s my desire to celebrate the ‘Truth Tellers’ of the past.

Diana London Potts is a Brooklyn based writer from the suburbs of Pennsylvania. Her debut memoir Planning for the Apocalypse: Meditations on Faith and Being the Only Black Girl at Your Party is forthcoming from 37 Ink Books. You can follow her musings on Twitter via @diancalondon