rayo & honey  inspired by the many written affirmations my mother had up throughout my childhood home and drawing on literature, affirming quotes, and black pop-culture references, I construct pennants in Brooklyn, NY by hand-cuting, pressing and sewing 100% cotton canvas and hand-laid laser-cut felt letters, creating a soulful piece with a timeless aesthetic.

My intent is to create goods that not only add adornment to patrons personal spaces but also to craft:

Text that prompts emotion in a work space.

Words that conjure sentiment in a living space.

Phrases that inspires magic in a children’s space.


where are the phrases from?

I dip into the crates for iconic hip hop lyrics, Black & Latino pop-culture references, literature and quotes that are motivational. Some such as “EAT WORDS DRINK STARS”, “PART POET PART WOLF”, “REBEL MERMAID”, “SMILE ON FACE MACHETE IN HAND” & “LET THE WORK SPEAK” are inspired by people in my life or personal mantras from my own mind palace. I like phrases that resinate and stay with you long after you’ve consumed them.

Each product combines cultural consciousness, subtle hand crafted details, and a mixture of textures.

why pennants?

Black & Latino popular culture is rarely seen in interior home decor.

The affirmations tucked into the frames of mirrors, taped on the inside of cabinet doors and hung on the walls of my childhood home were encouraging but it never felt like they were for me.

Those beautiful accolades did not “speak to me”.

It is my hope that rayo & honey decor will compliment patrons spaces as well as encourage and inspire one to surround themselves with things that speak to our collective past & socially conscious future.

why totes?

I’m obsessed with the easy classic American goodness of a tote. Utilizing details that I myself desire in an go-to piece: internal pocket, zipper closures!,heavy weight canvas & solid handles, I look to keep perfecting my everyday staple.

when do pennants ship?

Every pennant I make is a labor of love from my two hands in my Brooklyn studio.

Some pennants are ready to ship while others can take up to 2weeks or longer in during a busy time. Please please please email me at rayohoney@gmail.com me if you would like a pennant ASAP and I’ll let you now when the soonest it can be made and put in the post (USPS 2/3 day priority mail) for you.

how are pennants crafted?

Each pennant is cut from a pattern, a double seam is made by pressing, then sewing, and pressing again. Letters are die cut from felt, laid out, measured, then permanently affixed with heat.

Hard wood dowels are cut and sanded into hang sticks.

Black cotton twill is measured, cut, and double knotted onto the hang stick.

how are pins crafted?

Pina are designed by me, laser cut and then I hand paint etching. Pins are affixed with a latex based glue.

Refunds and Exchanges

Should you not be satisfied with your purchase in one way or another, please contact me to have the issue solved.

Except for custom orders I’ll gladly accept your exchange or return within 14 days of purchase. The refund include shipping charges you paid when you made the purchase.

Exchange or refund must be notified to us by email. Then, products must be returned in perfect condition, otherwise there will be no exchange or return.

Custom orders are final, there will be no exchange or return.

Note, that we do not refund returns charges unless the return is due to a mistake on our part. The exchange or refund of the product will be made within 20 days from receipt of product.


Additional Policies and FAQs

I’m always happy to make custom orders. I create items that celebrate momentous occasions and become keepsakes for years to come. Know that a custom orders can incur additional costs. Don’t hesitate to contact me via the “Custom” tab in the header for further information.

Banners can be ironed but I recommend  doing so on the back of pennant or with a thin piece of fabric on the front face of the pennant to keep from altering the felt with high heat.


legal mumbo jumbo

If you are inspired by rayo & honey images, please utilize the share button provided on each product page or contact us for permission. You’re not allowed to use pictures, anywhere online or offline, without my permission because to do so is devaluing my product. Please, do not copy our original designs/products with the intention of selling them because biting is wack & bad legal juju. Respect the work done by a women of color maker by providing me with credit.